This is the full 3.2.1 package which can be used for new installations. It contains the entire phpBB source code and the British English language pack. See the link below to download additional language packs.

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  • phpBB leads the industry in security.
  • At its core, what does phpBB offer?
  • Multiple tools keep your board free of unwanted users and spam.
  • phpBB offers a fully customisable registration process for your users.
  • phpBB supports a wide variety of database storage servers.
  • The primary purpose of phpBB is to facilitate discussion via posting.
  • phpBB utilises an advanced caching system which increases performance.
  • Share files by uploading them to the board attaching them to posts.
  • Fully customise the way phpBB looks with user-contributed styles.
  • Forums make up the organisational structure of the board.
  • Fine tune where users can go and which features they can use.